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Advert: PAULMOONERS, A FullMooners Moontacula a benefit show with all proceeds going to Paul Byrne.


Top 3: Sock Puppets

Greetings, earthlings. (At least two shows, Leaving Planet Earth and Slapdash Galaxy, are about humans leaving behind this despoiled lump of carbon for somewhere new and fresh. Bet the litter pickers of George Street know how they feel.) If you, too, are feeling a little jaded with the sticky old place, no one could blame you. However, it is no excuse for hibernation. Plenty of time for that in November.

So screw your courage to the sticking place. Take on fluids (preferably ones that are 0 ABV), fruits and vegetables. Try a proper meal, eaten with a knife and fork. You may be astonished at its restorative powers.

Because there is still so much great stuff to see and do. Like Whatever Gets You Through The Night at the Queens Hall, the Beckett series at the International Festival, Rob Delaney at the Underbelly, Janeane Garofalo at the Assembly Rooms, Tig Notaro's Fringe debut at the Gilded Balloon and Brian Eno's musical theories of evolution at the National Museum of Scotland.

Courage, mon brave. You have made it this far. Don't be giving up now.



Daily until 26 August
Pleasance Courtyard, 3.30pm

Welcome to the Capital Punishment Cafe! Our chef's specials today include electrocution, hanging and lethal injection. Can I take your order?

Banned from performing in their home country, internationally acclaimed Belarus Free Theatre present an arresting new production that challenges the use of capital punishment in modern society.

"Powerful...bold...chilling" ★★★★ Guardian

"Urgent and unforgettable" ★★★★ The Independent

Find out more and book tickets at



What to see once you have exhausted the Traverse's (admittedly excellent) programme?

Boris & Sergey II Perilous Escapade (4 stars)

The puppet siblings follow up last year's triumphant escapade with a brilliant and delightfully vicious sequel.

[Title of Show] (4 stars)

A musical about writing a musical about writing a musical lays bare many of the external pressures faced by those who wish to do that crazy thing. Plus, great songs.

The Bunker Trilogy: Agamemnon (3 stars)

Sure, we only gave it three stars, but that's still a ringing endorsement, borne out by other critics across the Festival: this immersive re-imagining of the Greek epic in the First World War is currently at number eight in our aggregate of reviews.



A FullMooners Moontacular: a benefit show with all proceeds going to Paul Byrne.

23:59 – Wednesday 21st August
McEwan Hall, Edinburgh

Confired Line–up:
John Bishop (only performance
at the Fringe 2013), Jason Manford,
Ed Byrne, Jason Byrne, Phill Jupitus, Stephen K Amos, Terry Alderton, Glenn Wool, The Pajama Men, Brendon Burns, Lady Carol, Sir Timothy Fitzhigham, and Chief FullMooner Andrew Maxwell.

This show is a fundraiser for Paul Byrne, highly respected director and co-creator of the late-night show Fullmooners – it's back for one night with the best line-up in Edinburgh!

Book tickets at



Much excellent skittish comedy this year. For those in search of laughs without the overweening ego of the solo performer, we offer these suggestions.

Thünderbards (4 stars)

Inventive, thoughtful, two-handed sketch 'book' with underlying tensions and in-jokes.

Simply the Jest (4 stars)

Nine smart cookies, very few props, excellent writing. Anne Boleyn on her hen night? Laughs from Guantanamo Bay? Tick, tick, tick.

The Pin (4 stars)

Following the classic Morecombe and Wise model, one fella thinks he's the cat's onesie while the other is a sleazy buffoon. Their show includes Ed Milliband and Frank Lampard. Clever stuff.



British Comedy Award winning 'King of Comedy' Jack Whitehall is on tour in 2014 with an all new live stand-up show.

The star of Bad Education, Fresh Meat and A League of Their Own is back with his most ambitious live stand-up tour to date: performing 'in the round' at some of the UK's biggest venues.

For tickets and info visit:



It's never a good idea to be too rigid when reading genres, titles, descriptions. Some of these poor performers have to sum up their hopes and dreams and years of development and rehearsing into a titchy little blurb designed to catch your eye. Give them some wriggle room.

Ménage à Trois (4 stars)

Claire Cunningham's intensely personal dance-theatre piece explores her 20-year relationship with her crutches.

What is the Weight of Your Desire (4 stars)

Playful Czech feminists, working in the Pina Bausch tradition, asking serious questions with great wit and brio.

HeLa (4 stars)

In come the awards for Adura Onashile's solo piece based on the true story of Henrietta Lack's appalling treatment at the hands of the US medical establishment.


When the sweatbox theatre palls, a cool, calm art gallery can be an attractive proposition.

Gabriel Orozco: Thinking In Circles (4 stars)

Mexican Orozco has been going round in circles for much of his career. Here is creative process is laid bare, with fascinating results.

Mostly West: Franz West and Artist Collaborations (4 stars)

Conceived in 2011, a year before Franz West died, this show has evolved into a collaborative eulogy from other artists including Douglas Gordon.

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